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How to find the right therapist?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Therapist shopping can be exhausting. It takes time, energy, and a whole lot of trust. Some are lucky to meet or be referred to a therapist that works on the first try while others may need to meet many therapists before finding the right one. The thought of sharing your vulnerabilities over and over again or starting from scratch can feel daunting. Thankfully, before committing to a full session, most therapists offer consultation sessions to see if they would be a right match. Here are some topics to consider before making that first booking.

Who, When, How

There are various platforms to search for a therapist local to you. Committing to attending therapy sessions can be half the battle, pick a therapist close by, that offers realistic availabilities, on a platform that you prefer.


Topics: Most therapists have training in a variety of mental health concerns while specializing in a few. Consider the topics you’d like to talk about and check if the therapist has experience in those areas.

Past, Current, or Future: Therapists use different approaches, some focusing on exploring past experiences while others emphasize the present and future. Different approaches can be used in conjunction together or at different stages throughout the therapeutic process. Consider your preference and comfort level with delving into your past.


Reflect on the type of communication that resonates with you. Some people prefer a more directive approach with specific guidance and tools, while others benefit from a more exploratory and reflective conversation. Experimenting with different communication styles can help you identify the type of dialogue that fosters the most productive therapeutic relationship.


Liking your therapist is essential for a positive therapeutic outcome. Look for commonalities, such as shared values or cultural understanding, that can enhance the therapeutic relationship. Feeling understood and accepted by your therapist creates a foundation for trust and open communication.


Finding the right therapist is a personal journey. Take the time to reflect on your needs and how to best set yourself up for success. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before making a booking.


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