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Naming Your Emotions

Quick, list as many emotions as you can think of.

  1. Happy

  2. Sad

  3. Angry

  4. .....

How many did you get? How many have you experienced in your life? Sometimes it can be hard to put a name to the whirlwind of emotions you experience. Some people learned to express emotions from their parents, family, friends and teachers. While others had to figure it out on their own or by watching others. When you struggle to name your emotions, you also struggle to respond to them. Your emotions and behaviours are often interlinked, one acting as a catalyst for the other. Like when you feel frustrated you turn into a bit of a grump-a-saurus.

But what if you start behaving in ways you couldn't explain? It could be easily resolved by recognizing the nuances of your feelings and labeling the emotions you're experiencing. Otherwise, labeling the emotions may only be the beginning to your healing journey.

Thankfully, labeling our emotions and recognizing the associated behaviours doesn't have to be hard. This Emotion Behaviour Wheel is a handy tool that makes decoding your feelings and behaviours easier.

Emotion Behaviour Wheel

In essence, naming your emotions is like turning on the lights in a once-dim room. Armed with recognition, the Emotion Behaviour Wheel, precise labels, and awareness of accompanying behaviors, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. Ready to name, understand, and embrace the beautiful symphony of your feelings? Let the adventure begin!


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